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How do I use The Members Lounge?

You can access The Members Lounge as soon as you have bought your preferred plan!  Head to the members homepage and click on the 'Access Members Lounge Button' 

What are the FHN Chapters?


Each quarter we run a Chapter (theme) through our lounge and sessions to help you achieve clarity, focus and to enable you to develop. We provide you with resources such as reading materials, a coaching session, a class in our personal development school, look at mindset and set goals. These Chapters run as follows:


April -June



I would like to see The FHN provide me with...?

We always want to hear from you on your ideas, if there is anything you need at all. Please reach out to us


How do I cancel my membership?

Please contact membership@thefhnetwork.com

Rowan Scahill