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Welcome to The Female Hospitality Network


Step into a space where you can be supported by a community of hospitality and event proffessionals!

Welcome to The Female Hospitality Network (THE FHN) we are a personal and professional development network, coaching and community for female hospitality and event proffessionals. 

We are a platform for all roles and positions, side-hustlers, entrepreneurs, agencies/freelancers, hospitality/event graduates, or veterans within the industries.

Our vision is career fulfillment for all women in the sectors with a mission.

We aim to:

Empower the passionate thinkers and innovators.

Develop skills to achieve more

Inspire you and the future generations of the the industries

Connect females across the sectors and inclusive cultures.

We're for the dreamers and the doers. We believe that females should have equality in the workplace and achieve what they want in life and in their careers. 


We help our females reach/achieve goals alongside like-minded women from many different backgrounds across the hospitality and events industry whilst enjoying themselves, feeling inspired and being part of an amazing community.  

If we create a movement for change together...Amazing things can happen for us.


We know that we each measure success in many ways and we embrace diversity and champion individual achievements. Every woman has a different story and we encourage membership applications from all females in the hospitality and events sector who have a lot to gain, as well as a lot to give from joining The FHN.

Quarterly Live and Online Events 

As the go to destination for females in hospitality and events we run themed chapters which provide monthly coaching in our Personal Development School, Feel Good Goals Setting Sessions, Mindset Sessions and we have our on demand bi-monthly FHN Masterclasses.

Working in industries like ours has its challenges, it is a busy lifestyle often with unsociable hours, therefore not forgetting to work on yourself is so important.


So much is possible for every single one of us!! 

Join Our Community 

Abbie Hart- Founder

Hi Ladies, my name is Abbie and I founded the FHN back in 2018.


One thing I have learnt working the events and the hospitality industry then setting up my own business alongside and The Female Hospitality Network; is where you start doesn’t need to determine where you end up.

You just need to put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest idea and with belief and hard work it will grow. I realised that I would rather attempt to do something with the possibility to fail than succeed at nothing.


At the end of the day, who is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Make each day count by setting specific goals, then make every effort to exceed your own expectations.

I have had my own battles with self confidence and impostor syndrome. Working on my personal development is a journey, but that’s half the point on why the network is there, to support, develop, empower and inspire people. No one is perfect. 

We need to stand together to advocate for equality and empower the amazing females around us.


The road of ambition (in any profession) is an adventure, and in that some people succeed in knowing themselves, and finding themselves whilst having access to tools and also with like minded people around them.

COVID19 presented many challenges for us, and it meant us evolving to a online and live platform which now more than ever we needed.


The world needs people who dream and have aspirations, wherever you are you are welcome to join us, to support each other whilst developing yourself.


I hope you find a fulfilling journey and we truly hope to help you with that at The Female Hospitality Network.

Abbie x


Charli,  Director of Event Staffing Agency

“The Female Hospitality Network has had a really positive influence on my life. Prior to joining, I didn’t really feel I had a ‘network’ or a ‘community’ particularly in my local area however since becoming part of FHN, I have made friends, felt valued and learnt a lot.


The monthly sessions are brilliant and the quality of the coaches and speakers is second to none. Being an Ambassador has encouraged me to talk openly and freely about not just the network but also myself and challenges I’ve faced. It’s surprising how many people feel the same and just by speaking up, you are helping others and you also receive so much support.


As an Ambassador, you are a key attribute to the success of the network and that is truly felt; your thoughts, ideas and opinions are valued and we all work together to lift each other up. I could not be happier to be a part of the FHN and would be more than happy to have an informal chat if anyone is thinking of joining.”


Jess, Hotel  Director Of Sales

'The Female Hospitality Network is there to Empower, Develop, Inspire & Connect and over the past 2.5 years it has most certainly achieved this.

The confidence I have personally developed in myself & my goals has been incredible and alongside this I have been honored to chair the Manchester Network.

Seeing what ideas & dreams come to life through connections like this is awe inspiring and I am truly proud to be part of this ever growing community.'


Beccy, Marketing Freelancer

“Being around a fantastic group of women whose positivity & ideas feed off one another consistently has been incredible!

From launch events, networking, live panel discussions and virtual coaching - we've all collectively been part of something really special and impactful to the industry.


I've learnt so much, developed my confidence, grown my business, and most importantly (genuinely!) made friends for life.”

What Our Ambassadors Say...